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When Eternal Bird launched over two years ago, one of the first products was little wood stud earrings. That little idea has grown into a full line of necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, tie clips, and yes, lots of little wood earrings.
I love working with natural materials like wood. The unique grain of each piece, the ease of dressing it up or down, and it's versatility. And I love transforming this natural material into minimal jewellery pieces with some edge. But I don't stop at just lasercutting Canadian sourced wood. You'll also find me hammering brass, threading wood beads, wire wrapping, and practicing fine tool work with sterling silver and gold filled findings.
I started my jewellery and accessories line two years ago with a small studio in my home. I'd made my own jewellery for years - including the wedding jewellery for myself & my bridesmaids! - and when I left the corporate world I decided to transform that passion into a business. My commitment when I started this was to treat my customers, partners, and suppliers with integrity, kindness, and generosity - a commitment I still believe in passionately to this day. I hope that you see that passion in the quality of my workmanship.
Today I continue to build a line of versatile jewellery & accessories for men and women that I hope you'll love. And I'll keep creating - one little idea at a time.

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